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An Unexpected Turn
Session #1

Dren Burrows. A human, worried about his mentor.


X'enthaladae Von Rylann and Rhydian Ty'aer. Two elves, one down on his luck with a purse too light for his liking, the other looking for easy coin.


Thrakk Gunnerson. A dwarf, forced to wander because of an accident.


All far from home.


They answer separately to Abenthy Wainwright's call for guards on his journey to Keskit, and leave the town of Tenris, introducing themselves to each other. Rhydian, knowing of the other elf's family, is amused at his predicament, but asks the others to keep an eye on him. They speak about duels and how real fights are nothing honourable. They pass through a forest and plains for two days, at one point questioning why two caravans need such guard. Abenthy tells them he likes the company, and you can't ever be too cautious with life. They know of growing unrest in the South, but are unaware of what's happening exactly.


The journey to the farming village is uneventful, and they stay at Abenthy's for the night. The Von Rylann is stopped in the middle of ordering food for breakfast, but Ben nonetheless gives them a generous meal. They set off on foot back towards Tenris.


However, just as they pass the border of Keskit, Dren feels a shift in the world, and then he notices a static speck on the road ahead. Discussing what it may be, the dwarf convinces the others to get closer first. As they do, they realise it's a village, with the exact same arrangement as the one they just left. The village behind them has now become a speck on the road.


The group briefly considered splitting up, as well as using rope to test how the phenomenon works. Thrakk shoots a lit bolt towards the village up ahead, but it travels normally. Then X'enthaladae sent his owl, Ardavanshee straght back from where they came from, and it comes back confused. He then sends it towards the village and while waiting for it to come back, summons an unseen servant to hold his things.


The other three question him on where his owl came from, and how the servant works. They ask it to write down what it can say, and it writes down "what it can say".


The owl comes back, and expresses that the same thing happened on the other side, and they deduce that there is a bubble around the village that turns around whatever tries to leave. They finally decide that they should pay Ben a visit again.


Before they knock on his door however, Dren chats with Elanor Gamgee, a halfling woman. He asks whether anyone had come or gone from Keskit recently, and she says that the village does not see many visitors except for those Abenthy brings every month or so when he goes to bring in supplies. She also says that not many people leave, since they live, work and have all their friends here. Only Rustic, a priest, and Abenthy, come and go often.


They become suspicious that few people leave, and ask her to take them to Rustic. She leads them to the centre of the village, past the well, to the open air Green Sanctum, a Temple to Ullari, the goddess of agriculture and the sky. They enter and see two


I will finish this up later.


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